Auto Haus of Bend

AutoHaus of Bend

European Auto Shop Confidence


Professional Vehicle Maintenance on European Cars For Over 35 Years

What sets AutoHaus of Bend apart from other vehicle repair shops? In the words of Ron W., the owner and operator: “Building a relationship through regular maintenance and safety inspections allows us to establish mutual trust and experience. This familiarity with your vehicle means that I can get you back on the road quickly and efficiently if and when larger problems arise.”

Benefits of working with Ron

  • Personalized Service
  • Master Mechanic
  • Long Term Relationships
  • Speaks His Mind
  • Gets to Know Your Vehicle
  • Over 35 Years Experience

Why is a small shop better for your european vehicle?

Although dealers specialize in your make, your vehicle will pass through many hands for service and repair.  Having a senior mechanic develop a history with your vehicle ensures attention to detail and personalized service.



AutoHaus of Bend

63089 Sherman Rd,
Bend OR 97701


541-389-0464 (preferred)

Autohaus of bend specializes in the following makes:


Land Rover



Mini Cooper



Ron's Favorite Quotes & Sayings

Not just “Parts & Labor” - Concern for your car and family.
— Ron W.

We’re not assembling teddy bears here.
— Ron W.
If you assign me a job I’ll give it my greatest effort.
— Ron W.

Help keep Bend a nice place to live.
— Ron W.
I do my work as if inspected by an expert upon completion.
— Ron W.

Scrutinize, Prioritize, Communicate.
— Ron W.